Updates – Parallax Y or N? Currently used on all headers, Y or N

(a) 1-6 Theme page headers done; 7 still needs work

(b) menu for Theme drop down done

(c) testing style for Viktor Shvets labeling (top left)

(d) new version of slider live ; needs further work on slide 1 and complete overhaul slides 2, 3, + —- what do you want?

(e) Amazon link now live and picture live

(f) Themes Thumbnail V2- some are too small….

(g) blurry About Me header … need replace with higher quality

(h) footer image blurry and need a better photo option

(i) Contact Us header live


(a) Themes

  1. Way of Organizing Themes (see home page for listing options) ; shape/size changes?
  2. Theme image editing (perhaps add titles in?)
  3. After (i) and (ii) forming theme pages
  4. Theme page headers/content

(b) home page sections

(c) individual themes per page

(d) issues to resolve

  1. Book amazon linking image
  2. Slider (style, pictures, quotes not appearing)
  3. Footer image blurry/what style
  4. Logo/name blurry/what style
  5. Header images for About Me, Books, Appearances, News, Contact Us, Theme 7
  6. Footer (global)
  7. Contact Us form / email!

(e) pages needing edits : Home, About Me, Books, Appearances, News, Contact Us, Theme 1-7, footer, header