‘Like termites, technology and financialization are hollowing out the core framework of our societies. What lies on the other side of the Black Hole? Will it be capitalism or communism, feudalism or despotism? The book offers an in-depth overview of how the new Information Age is likely to be radically different from our familiar world of Industrial Revolutions while offering policy prescriptions that might allow us to navigate this violent transition while keeping as much of our cherished personal freedoms as possible. From basic or universal income guarantees to radical changes in the educational system, and from a massive Marshall plan for the least developed parts of the world to the need for profound reorganization of regulatory and taxation systems, there are a myriad of policy alternatives that can lead to better outcomes. For the first time in at least five centuries, we have both an opportunity and tools to build a different society and economy? Will we embrace the challenge or are ‘forces of evil’ unbeatable?’